Here I am!

Well, here I am with yet another blog that I’ll probably only post to occasionally. I’m not sure yet what kinds of things I’ll post here, since I post my crafty stuff on The Tactile Arts Play Group and on my Facebook page. If you know anyone who needs a data wrangler, or if you want to know what a data wrangler is, check out The Data Wizard.

I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself. I’m a middle-aged woman living in a small rented house with my disabled domestic partner, Julie, and our five cats. Julie and I are both semi-retired activists and ministers. You can usually find Julie stirring up trouble on Facebook, among other places. I tend to keep a lower profile.

I’ve been unemployed for 26 months now, so my unemployment benefits are long gone. I’m looking for work, as well as setting up The Data Wizard in hopes of generating some income, but times are tough for everyone, and I’m having trouble connecting with the market for my skill set. Meanwhile, the landlord is getting anxious, since we haven’t been able to pay this month’s rent yet. If you are able and willing to help, please PayPal your contributions to Thank you.


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